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In light of all the market craziness and many abruptly being thrown into the job search market  I am offering  a course that gives you all the tips I provide my clients in customized sessions, this course will show you insider tips on developing a better resume, fine tuning your interviewing skills (including questions to ask and not to ask) and how to negotiate compensation.

And as an ADDED BONUS, I am offering a 30 min session with me and access to a private Facebook group but this offer is only for the first 50 purchases!

This course will change your job search!

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JOURNAL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS provides a way to organize your life with intention. Mindful self-care is the key to success at work or at home! It helps individuals prioritize self-care by taking one hour per day to engage in six activities and journaling about their experience, plans, and ideas inspired by these activities. The goal is to become more organized, more successful in your career, stronger physically, and find more balance and peace in both your personal life and career.

The journal will challenge you with six activities daily and after each activity, there is space to journal what you have learned, and two more pages to write down additional ideas as you think about your experiences.

This journal challenges the individual more deeply as the weeks continue with the end goal being more success, balance and happiness in life, but don’t stop there, after 12 weeks of progress, most will want to continue the process in another journal.

The ideal result: a happier, healthier, more successful you!

Customized Coaching Sessions

Sandie Troup's special coaching program guides them from the basics of career orientation, resumé preparation, and lifestyle to the more complex aspects of leadership communication, professional networking, and salary negotiations.

In 30 years of experience as a Corporate Executive Recruiter and Career Coach, Sandie has helped multiple global organizations to manage complex recruitment programs and thousands of qualified candidates to land a highly-paid dream job.

Let's work together to elevate your career game!

Tips to guarantee you get the interview and prepare you for the interview

Ways to ensure you will be the candidate selected for the job- tips on negotiating the best offer

Recruitment Coaching for Business: Better Prepare Your Hiring Managers with Interviewing and Identifying the best candidate

My Pledge to You

I will take you through the entire job-seeking process and help you land that ideal job.

I will take you step by step through the sometimes difficult employment process until you negotiate that ideal offer, and along the way, I will show you some valuable life skills that can improve your performance.

Lets find solutions to help you discover some ways to experience more happiness in your life!

"I had the pleasure of working directly with Sandie in her recruiting role as a candidate for a consulting firm.  Right off the bat I felt extremely comfortable with Sandie as she was extremely transparent about the position and company.

Due to my own personal circumstances the interview process extended on for several months and I was able to form more of personal relationship with Sandie.

She went out of her way to accommodate my needs and created a position for me that I never would have dreamed of.

Sandie's flexibility and kindness as a recruiter not only allowed me to be completely open and honest about my desires as a professional but also on a personal level and I truly thank her for that"


Seattle, WA

Today is the 60th day of my journaling. It’s been an interesting adventure! I’m coping with this craziness a lot better than I would have had it not been for that chance meeting! Thank you so much Sandie! 



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Tips from Hiring Managers on How to Have Successful Webcam Interviews

Tips from Hiring Managers on How to Have Successful Webcam Interviews

Companies that are still actively hiring and need to adhere to the social distancing rule have chosen to move to the full remote interview process.  Most pre-screen interviews have been done remotely, usually, phone interviews where Recruiters or Hiring Managers can pre-screen candidates but now even final interviews are having to be held remotely to respect the social distancing and quarantines.  This means most need to get very familiar with Zoom and GoTo type online meetings since most will be via these apps.

Networking and Social Media

If you are like most of us, the chaos of the last couple of weeks is forcing more social distancing which creates more time on Social Media.

This is good and it’s bad.  I do say limit your time on SM, studies have shown there are more depression and anxiety around SM and some have even characterized some depressions as Social Media Depression, that’s depressing!  I know for me seeing all the vacations, laughter and parties when I am doing none of those things can be hard to see.  Most are not going to post the tough times or the trials, those are not fun things to share and most of us aren’t as proud of those times even those times can really build character and courage to muster through.  I know for me my trials and tough times have been painful but when I sit in that pain and learn more about myself, my emotions and my behaviors, I can grow and change which is so empowering!

I say use SM to raise you up! Not bring you down. I challenge people now more than ever to be networking on SM, they can be building their business or their business network in their industry.  If you are or are not looking for a job, networking is always a good thing – you can learn from others in your industry who are experiencing the same challenges you are, you can build more business/sales, or you can gain new partners in business. But if you are looking for a job, LinkedIn is ideal, you may find an ideal employer or someone who works for the ideal employer that you can engage with. I tell people if you are job searching, you should be spending as much time on LinkedIn as you do on Instagram!  And now is an ideal time to be doing this, more employers are on LI as they have more time than usual, most is not having to commute and so instead of spending time in their cars, they have more time to catch up on emails and on LI themselves. Join groups, join clubs and get involved in chats, this is an ideal way to learn from others and maybe find your next job!

Employers are still hiring! Even though most of us are asked to do less socializing, doesn’t mean employers aren’t hiring, they just may be doing more of it remotely.  You may find you need to be more familiar with Zoom and be ready to do an interview via webcam vs face to face, times may be changing and hiring may look different so we need to be flexible with the market, the more flexible you are, the more the process will work for you!

Also, pay attention to the job boards out there, LI has a job posting sections but Indeed and CareerBuilder are also other really good boards to see who is hiring and for what types of jobs.  So don’t sit back and let your extra time now go idle, use this time to benefit you, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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