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I have over 30 years of experience as a Corporate Recruiter and Career Coach and I am an Author.


I have helped global organizations manage complex recruitment programs and I have hired thousands of qualified candidates.




I started my own business seven years ago where I was a headhunter and career coach, but now I am seeing such a strong need for frustrated candidates, that I am directing my energy into my own business.

I have created a specific career program for candidates, this program was developed from a high candidate demand, I was constantly being asked for advise on the employment process and since I have been on the other side of the process for over 30 years, I felt it was time to help the struggling, ill-advised professional candidates.

My unique coaching program is for all level candidates and can include resumé preparation, leadership communication, professional networking, and salary negotiations.

After so many years managing thousands of candidates, developing hiring systems and tracking the metrics in the recruitment process, I finally break down this engine to show job seekers what really matters to land a dream job.

In addition to the seamless professional strategies, I share in my program fundamental life skills that have proven to improve world leaders’ performance and happiness beyond their jobs.

I have also just written a book, “Journal Your Way To Success”, this is an amazing tool that I have currently live by and recommend all my clients use.

This journal is an amazing tool to discover your goals, develop self confidence and prioritize self-care so that people can experience success in their careers and professional lives.



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