I know for me many years I had these New Year goals that I would set and I was sure that year I would tackle them and stay on track.  But about this time I fell back into my old ways and even forgot what my resolutions were.

Do you do the same thing?  Are you doing that now?  Have you forgotten what your New Years’ resolution was too?

OR do you not really believe you can change?  I think this is what it comes to, we don’t trust ourselves and really don’t think we can change or we are afraid to change even though we want to and we see it may be a good thing.

I have heard it said that “change is necessary and the only constant is change”.  To take a leap of faith and make a decision to change in a profound way is difficult, especially to make a decision that could change your belief system or a relationship.

Making a change can feel like falling off a cliff and diving into the unknown.  I think that’s because change involves endings which often bring up fear or grief but what if you view change differently.  View it as a construction project.  In a construction project, deconstruction has to take place first before something new can be constructed.  For example, during a kitchen remodel, demolition has to take place first, the old kitchen has to be torn up, cleared out before something new and beautiful can be built.  Change involves the process of destruction and construction, and while you might not notice it these things are taking place all the time!

I have set some goals too.  I am in the refinement in terms of my physical goals.  I love my morning routine but I forgot about some things that make me feel really good.  I forgot about my hot lemon water with apple cider vinegar, I drink this before my coffee.  It wakes me up and wakes up my digestion!  I was getting lazy with some of my workouts, no more, I told my trainer, Karley kicks my butt now, kick it but don’t kill me! LOL.  And I have been lazy with my business projects, I have more journals coming that will be so fun, challenging and exciting and I have not been motivated, I think my mind is still in Bali.  Well, welcome back Sandie, you are not in Bali baby, so time to get moving and get writing!  Now I need y’all to keep me on track, it not a solo walk but I believe you have a community that supports you and you can do anything!

So grab that goal and view it differently, view it as a project, one that you know may be hard, may feel painful at times but that you can accomplish, you can do this!  Journal that goal today and dream big!!!