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My customized coaching sessions are for anyone looking for their ideal job career or promotion.

I have worked with clients that are new graduates to senior executives and CEOs.  Anyone who is looking for a new job is a good candidate for my program.

For Example :

Recent college graduates who are struggling to find a job and don’t know how to market themselves or are maybe not sure what they want to do.

Experienced professionals who have years of experience, and are finding that no one is responding to their online application and are struggling to find the ideal job that is truly satisfying

Any type of candidate who is seeking a new position or hoping to move up to the next management level.

Sandie is being successfully requested by Colleges and Universities to speak on panels or conduct presentations on how to help students prepare for Career Fairs and for the competitive job market ahead of them. Her goal is to ensure that a student or candidate gets multiple offers upon graduation or shortly thereafter…

The sessions are customized, so I base my coaching on the individual’s needs.

Sessions can include: Resume building, marketing the candidate so they can avoid the online application process, developing strong interview skills and compensation negotiation, so the candidate walks away with a great job at an amazing comp!

I can help you overcome any roadblocks or challenges you face in the employment process, I find that people, no matter what level they are at in their career, experience similar hurdles in their career which eventually can affect their personal lives and vice-versa.



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