As a Career coach, I will lead you to discover, plan, and carry out the steps to be successful in finding meaningful work in a career you ideally see as your next move.

The sessions are customized, so I base my coaching on the individual’s needs.

Sessions can include: Resume building, marketing the candidate so they can avoid the online application process, developing strong interview skills and compensation negotiation, so the candidate walks away with a great job at an amazing compensation!

I can help you overcome any roadblocks or challenges you face in the employment process, I find that people, no matter what level they are at in their career, experience similar hurdles in their career which eventually can affect their personal lives and vice-versa.

Session Options:

  • Individual Customized 60 minute Career Coaching Session and 5 Session Package
  • Group 60 minute Career Coaching Session (Ideal for the college new grads, their parents and all their friends, an unlimited number of participants may attend this session)
  • Business Recruitment Coaching for Business and Hiring Managers

Please inquire for pricing and customized packages, prices may vary.

Along the way, we will identify the steps to help you find that ideal job, but we may also see the need to examine the following:

  • Your Relationships
  • Your Daily Nutrition and Fitness
  • Address your Emotional and Spiritual Well-being

My coaching services help you refine the whole person-that person who has addressed not only their professional life but also has given proper attention to their personal life. My experience has been those who have successfully climbed the corporate ladder, or started their own successful business or even just found happiness working at the local coffee house, were the ones who took the time to address both their professional and personal life, this recipe will give you the edge in finding your ideal job!


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