I had such fun this past Sunday at my first book signing event at The Pretty House Studio in Gilbert, AZ and I am so excited about this amazing group, such good hearts that want to grow, transform and become more successful in life!

I am starting an exclusive book club with them so that we all can share tips, what is working for them as they move through the journal and what they wished I had included. I am excited to hear how this works for others and to hear about other’s success, it’s not magic, it’s really quite easy!

I will be offering future book club offers that will be similar so don’t miss out, get your journal before Jan. 1 when everyone will be setting goals and New Year resolutions, don’t just talk about change, let’s do it this year, 2020 will be an amazing year for me and YOU! But you need the tools, go to Amazon today and get ready for Jan 1, 2020!