Did you know that student debt today is the fastest-growing debt in the US, the total debt is $1.6 trillion and 25% of those in debt are in default!  I understand this, as this tuition debt affected me personally and was devastating! But I am happy to say that today, I am completely debt-free, but it wasn’t easy and didn’t come without pain.

Because of this experience, I have a passion to help those who experience tuition debt and help them find the right career with a great comp so they can get out of that debt faster and with less pain than I experienced. Most graduates with student debt cannot pay their monthly bills so what is the solution?

I firmly believe I have the solution, it is, first of all, finding the right job at a very competitive salary upon graduation and setting goals and focusing on how to pay off that debt quickly.  Most student loans are set up so that ideally you don’t pay that debt off for 20 yrs., and that is a lot of interest and a long time to have that debt hanging around. I say focus on paying off that debt before any large purchases are made. This means, pay off the tuition debt before you buy a car, house or go on that fancy vacation!  It may not be fun for a few years but being debt for most of your adult years is also no fun!

I help new graduates and most professionals on how to best prepare for a successful job search. This means developing a killer resume, improving interviewing skills, getting your resume to the hiring manager directly and not applying online and negotiating an attractive salary. There has not been a client yet that has worked with me not be thrilled at the end of the process, they land amazing jobs that are exciting and challenging and pay more than they ever thought they would get paid.

My motto is investing a little time and energy in the job search process and it will pay off for you!