I couldn’t have made up this story of our lives right now and this COVID-19 virus. It has changed us, and it has changed me.

I have learned so many things during this time of isolation.  I have learned:

  1. To appreciate the little things in life, like a trip to my gym and seeing the smiling faces that greet me, check in with me and share something about them.  I appreciate dining out, ordering a nice meal and glass of wine, and meeting new people who are always friendly-I learn so much about myself and humanity meeting strangers and getting to know them.
  2. How to be still.  I always said I like being busy, but I could see where I used busy-ness to fill the void and not feel some painful feelings.  Being still allows me to check in with myself, work through emotions, and learn to love and be ok with me, just me, only me.  Wow!
  3. The importance of journaling.  Maybe a repeat of #2 but important enough to have its own #.  Journaling is a way for me to hear my thoughts louder, it can help with establishing goals, making a change, working through stress, or expressing gratitude and love for yourself and what God has provided.
  4. How much myself and most humans need one another, we are not meant to be 6ft apart.  We are meant to hug, to shake hands, to check-in with each other, to have conversations often, and to be together.  I know this may change us to feel differently for a while but I pray we see that we still need each other for support, encouragement, and support.
  5. I like working and helping others and not being able to do that the same has created more passion to jump out of this isolation focused on how I can give back selfishly.  I like my business and helping those find their job match and career satisfaction.
  6. I like to eat!  LOL
  7. I am ready for this to lift but I want to remember what I have learned and taken that with me into this new season!  I am excited to be here for you and see how we can work together!

Stay safe, sane and this too will pass!